Edhron Lussarrna

Unarmored elf carrying bow.


Of average height for an elf, Edhron stands a mere 5’1" and weighs a paltry 105 lbs. He has the timeless look of an elf, but with skin coloring of a person who spends most of their time outside. Brown in hair, and clear gray eyes that seem to look into a faraway place. Edhron wears very simple clothes that promote ease of movement and no armor, he walks with an almost cat-like grace. While he is naturally very agile, he is not very strong; he carry’s only the basic necessities for a travelling life. His full quiver, sharp knife, and a keen eye for foraging provide most of the sustenance he needs.

Nearly always nearby, if not directly underfoot, is his beloved canine friend he calls Summer. Edhron can frequently be caught talking to the wolf as if it can understand his words. The animal’s gray and brown fur help it disappear when in the wild, and the beast is often closer than the average person knows.


Edhron grew up in Riverton near the border of Mim-Shos, but he frequently spent his time across the border in the forests of the neighboring country. Like many elves, his connection with nature has always been deep, and he spent many years in the groves, learning the path of the druid. But often, Edhron looked to the tales of large cities and the strange arcane forces wielded by students. While he feels the strong bond of the druid to nature, he has often dreamed of learning to control the arcane energies in the manner of the trained mages. Strong in natural magic, Edhron loathes the undead, he will often hunt a walker down and put it back to rest, for the safety of everyone else around.

Restless with the grove life, when rumors of rats behaving in strange ways in a faraway place sounded like the perfect excuse to satisfy his wanderlust. So, Edhron sharpened his knife, filled his quiver, hitched his meager possessions and set out on his first adventure.

The Journal of Edhron Lussarrna details his travels.

Edhron Lussarrna

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