Adventure Begins

Orc city



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The adventure began in the town of Everflow at a small tavern. A man approached the bar and began talking to the bartender and voiced his concern for a young messenger boy he sent to Wraiths Fall, another town further south. He explained the boy had not returned for 3 days and that he is always on time with deliveries and messages. Overhearing this LiMiK approached and asked if this man needed any assistance. After discussing the issue at hand LiMiK realizes he may need help in this quest to Wraiths Fall because of the threat of bandits. He turns to the room and asks who would like to join the quest for the chance of payment. With Dalihah, Prestio, (Trevor), (Dane), and (Kaylee) all joined for a price, they set out for Wraiths Fall. Once nearly arrived they get ambushed by bandits. (Kaylee) using her wits and fierce appearance managed to frighten and scare half of the bandits into fleeing away. The remaining bandits engaged our party and after a vicious struggle managed to lose one of their allies. Suddenly the bandits who tried to flee began screaming for help. One of their comrades had fallen deathly ill and another died from what seemed to be the same ailment. With this the remaining bandits fled the scene and disappeared into the woods. Our heroes did a head count and continued into the town ahead. After arriving in Wraiths Fall they found a desolate land. Boarded building and rats in the street. They managed to find the Bakery where they were directed to go by their employer and proceeded to knock on the door. A man yelled from inside to go away. Undeterred (Justin) knocked again. The man inside asked what they want and (Roberta) informed him that they were looking for the messenger boy from Everflow. The man inside cracked the door open just enough to show his face and looked around in fear at the ground. He then quickly told the group that the boy they were looking for has passed away. The group asked where the boys body could be found and the baker informed them he is in a mass grave out back and all the bodies there were burned. He then told them he has nothing more for them and sent them away. The group conversed for a short time and decided to check the back of the house at the burn pit to see if they can find traces of the boy while (Kaylee) and (Dane) decided to go look for an open shop. At the back of the house no traces of the boys body could be found in the burn pit.. LiMiK in disbelief of the childs death decided to further interrogate the baker. He runs over and kicks in the back door and places a sward to the mans throat. Dalihah, Prestio, and (Trevor) follow on his heels. After heated discussion and yelling everyone was convinced by the mans story and agreed to his new quest to stop the rats horrific onslaught. (Roberta) not quite in belief of the bakers loyalty places her sward to his throat as well and demands what the boy came for in the beginning before they go on the quest. The baker, already devoid of all hope and will to live, leans into the sward and whispers, “What you do to me here would be more merciful than what the rats would do. I would rather die by your hands than their. You will get whatever you want after you do as i asked. Not before.” (Roberta) realizing she will not win an intimidation war with the man agrees to his deal after LiMiK gives her 50 gold pieces to leave him be.
As all this happens (Kaylee) and (Dane) search the town for any available shop. The happened to witness one set of shades in a window rattle and approach to investigate. After further examination they discover the building is a boarded up shop meant to sell fruits and vegetables. They knock on the door and ask for assistance. A voice cries out to leave. (Kaylee ) then decides that entry must be gained into the house and demands the door be opened or she will have to act. The door opens and inside they find a woman clutching her two children. (Kaylee) finds food and decides to take what she can. After talking with the woman they find out a brief idea of what happened to the town. They then leave to tell the rest of the group what they learned and the door slams and locks behind them.
After all our heroes reunite they decide to advance west toward the direction of where the rats are coming from.
After entering the wood and traveling for some time they come across a narrow game trail and a sudden flurry of rats go scurrying by along the trail. The decide to travel along the trail single file and discover another flurry of rats sprinting at them. As they all jump up, to the side, and attempt to fight, they find the rats overwhelmingly driven along the path. After the mini skirmish, they continue on down the path. Again, after a short time, rats approach from behind along the trail. Again a small skirmish ensues and this time 2 rats are killed and one is wounded and retreats into the wild alone. From here they begin to argue about the next course of action. Some of the group believe the rats they keep encountering are the same rats and they are traveling in a circle, while others believe more evidence is needed. As this is spoken rats again approach from behind the group, again along the trail. The whole group jumps to the side and counts. They confirm these are the same rats and if thats the case then the trail must go in a circle. They decide to get off the trail and continue west. They encounter many more trails like the last but are easily overcome due to their new knowledge.
After about an hour of walking they discover a cabin. In the cabin window they see a man with black robes waving his arms around and muttering. All around the house were masses and masses of rats. the rats circled the house what seemed endlessly. LiMiK deduced that the man had something to do with the rats and wanted to put a quick end to the madness. As he notched his bow, pulled back the string, and released, …….. the arrow fumbled in its notched position and fell short killing one of the circling rats. This alerting all the other rats, began to charge the group. (Dane) seeing the treat ran to the left of the group to seek refuge and await for a better opportunity.
The battle waged against the horde for some time. With 2 heroes fallen, Dalihah and (Trevor), the remaining group managed to make their way into the house. (Dane) discovered a diary written by the man on the second floor. The diary explained that the man used to live in Wraiths Fall before being requited by the king of Frosthaven. Though the new title seemed special on parchment, it turned out to be demeaning and degrading. Though the palace life was great the job seemed intolerable. As war broke out the palace life became stressful. The gates were breached and he made a break for it and began his journey back to Wraiths Fall. Upon reentry into Wraiths Fall his mental stability began to slip and he soon fell into madness with a drive to punish the people of Stonecrown, still for an unknown reason. As the group made it to the top of the stairs they found (Dane) locked in a death defying struggle with the mage. Finally with the surviving teams assistance they managed to incapacitate the villain and attempted to interrogate him. Sadly his mind was too far damaged by his own personal demons to be able to communicate with anyone. With one more swing (Kaylee) brought down her sword and cut the mage in half. He dies with a glaring grin on his face. The group finds the rats outside to have ran off into the woods and pulls the injured allies into the house and settles down for the night.


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